The New Standard

Winner of the EPFL & Google “Focused Research Award” (2012-2014), ARTMYN provides a disruptive solution for highly accurate digitization of visual artworks, with interactive rendering on mobile devices and accessible via a simple web browser. A unique portable scanner captures gigabytes of data describing the artwork in its finest details, which, along with proprietary web technologies, result in a true-to-life visualisation. This complete new experience allows users to embark on an emotional journey where digital replicas can be explored just as if the originals were in their very own hands.

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ARTMYN revolutionizes the way Fine Art can be displayed, appreciated and experienced on screen.

ARTMYN technology is touchscreen responsive and has the unique capacity to combine the following features:

  • 3D Visualisation & Topography of planar artworks
  • Unprecedented HD Resolution
  • Virtual Relighting - the capacity to relight the digital replica in real time from any angle and direction
  • The possibility for our partners to create their own guided tours and to present the artwork in a movie-like format with audio or written comments (videos below)

For the best experience, we recommend to use any modern web browser (except Internet Explorer) and Apple's iPads.


Museums and Cultural Institutions

ARTMYN creates innovative physical and online interfaces to enhance visitors’ desire to learn and engage with their cultural treasures:

  • Interactive guided tours
  • Digital & interactive exhibition catalogues
  • Visitors from all around the world can explore these collections like never before

Auction Houses, Galleries & Art-Selling platforms

ARTMYN provides them with the best technology available in the market for Fine Art visualisation and promotion:

  • Strengthens their online presence
  • Digital & interactive condition reports
  • Potential buyers can now manipulate digital replicas as if the originals were in their own hands

Private & Institutional Collectors

ARTMYN develops tailor made solutions to preserve and magnify family and corporate cultural heritage:

  • Creation of interactive online exhibitions allowing the whole world to admire a collection
  • Private visualisation interfaces to access a collection from anywhere on a mobile device

Corinne Sporrer & venturelab


Loïc Baboulaz (co-founder & Chief Technology Officer ) has held R&D engineering positions at NEC Japan, Sony Germany and CGG UK. Loïc also volunteered at Baobab Health, a Malawian NGO, as project coordinator for eHealth solutions in Malawi. From 2012 to 2016, he led R&D of the eFacsimile project project on Art reproduction (Google Focus Research Award) at the Audiovisual Communications Laboratory, EPFL, Switzerland. Loïc holds a M.S. in communication systems from EPFL and a Ph.D. from Imperial College London.

Alexandre Catsicas (co-founder & Chief Executive Officer) has a background in the finance and fine art industry. He held analyst and BD positions at Bank Julius Bär, Unigestion SA, and Louise Blouin Media. He was also in charge of the logistics and finance for the coal-trading department at Glencore. With the desire to combine art and business, he then moved to London, joining Christie’s as an assistant to the Chairman’s Office. Alexandre holds a B.Sc. in Business Administration from Fordham University and an MLitt. in History of Art and Art World Practice from Glasgow University.

Julien Lalande (co-founder & Chief Product Officer) held various R&D positions at French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, Oxford Technical Solutions and Smith Heimann. Since his arrival in Switzerland he worked both for Vidinoti, a startup in augmented reality developing products using light-field cameras and for the Audiovisual Communications Laboratory at EPFL on the eFacsimile project. He holds a master degree from Strasbourg’s Engineering school of Physics.

Matthieu Rudelle (co-founder & Head of Web and Infrastructure) has a strong background in user experience focused web application. Since his last year of bachelor at the University of Bristol, he started with the project Keesaflo in cooperation with p.ota.to and is now the author of several open source web applications. After interning at Google, CA on an education oriented web project he interned at Skype Prague and NEC Japan on web and machine learning related projects. He holds a Master's degree from EPFL's school of Computer Science.

Sofia Catsicas (Marketing and Communications) has worked in Paris at L’Oréal in the Corporate Communications & External Affairs department and at Aigle International in the Marketing & Communications team. Prior to that, she joined the Permanent Mission of the Maldives for the United Nations in Geneva to work as a Communication Assistant. Sofia holds a BA in International Relations from the University of Geneva and a MSc in Media & Communications with distinction from the London School of Economics.

Damien Firmenich (R&D Engineer) held R&D positions at Qualcomm and EPFL with a strong emphasis in computational photography. He specializes in light-field cameras, near-infrared image processing and computer vision research and their optimization. He collaborated on the eFacsimile project on light-field acquisition, as well as with the Montreux Jazz Foundation for the digitization of concert videos. Damien holds a MS in communication systems from EPFL.

Pierre Gabioud (Software Engineer) has worked as a freelance developer for a wide range of clients during the last years of his Master studies in Communication Systems at EPFL. He enjoys experimenting cutting-edge technology to create complete and easy-to-use web products. He notably worked on the development of a web-based seating plan editor for SecuTix in Lausanne, as an intern.

Pierre-Antoine Héritier (Art restoration expert & advisor) has more than 40 years of experience as a restorer for ancient, modern and contemporary art. He brings his expertise in the specifications design for the investigation, collection, and archiving of multiple structural states of artistic surfaces for the development of COA, biometric passport and condition reports of artworks. He is the author of several models for reproducing different techniques and fragilities of art pieces standards. He works for institutions and private collections in his workshop located in Geneva and in his bonded workshop at the Freeport of Geneva.

Veronique Leclercq (Consultant & Project Coordinator) is an experienced business, product and brand developer in various industries. She has managed real estate development projects and asset acquisitions, and led licensing and purchase agreements with technology companies in the payment industry. She has worked at Visa International, London and Miami; Master Card, London; The Financial Times, London, family office and private clients in Monaco. Veronique holds a Master’s degree in Business Management from the University of Liège.


We are based in St-Sulpice near Lausanne, Switzerland.

Want to get in touch? Drop us an email at: contact@artmyn.com