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The Death of Prince Henry, Early 17th century
The Death of Prince Henry, Early 17th century
Oil and tempera on panel, 60 x 47 cm

A Vanitas Morality

"Lord thou hast pointed out my life In length much like a span
Mine age is nothing into the world So vain is every man
This mirror meete for all mankind To [...] and frill to beare in mind And do not miss

Man walketh like a shade, and doeth In vain himself annoy
In getting goods and cannot tell Who shall the fame enjoy
For time brings youthfull youthes to age And age brings death our heritage When Gods will is

Consider man how time does pass And likewise know all flesh is grass For time consumes the strongest oak So death at last shall strike the stroke Though lusty youth does beauty bear Yet youth to age in time does wear And age at length a death will bring To rich, to poor, to Emperor and King Therefore fill life as though should die Thy soul to save from jeopardy
And as thou wouldst be done unto So to thy neighbour always do
The heavenly joys at length to suck Let faith in Christ thyne anchor be

Sicut Fides
The flow(er) is of the field the fair emblemes he* Of your frail state, of Sonnes of Vanitie Behold: Prince lies, he fades, he dies
Yet love liveth in death, his odors stil arise
Oh emblem that sex die brynges to mynd
The fate of him, how of humankind
Henrik the perfect Prince with every Virtue fraught Britain’s best hope [...] Death made nought"

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