Explore rich content

To Highlight Collections & Exhibitions

Provide more information than regular paper catalogues:

Provide more emotions and transparency to customers. Allow them to “touch artworks with their eyes" and explore the condition & materiality of the work from anywhere.

For museums

To prepare your visit beforehand and extend it after the fact

Discover the exhibition "INGRES - L'Artiste et ses Princes"

Artworks can now virtually leave a museum. Scanning an artwork is now accessible without requiring an expensive digitalisation project.

Above: Sample e-Catalog of a Tajan auction

Discover a collection of Declaration Signers e-Catalogue

Expertise & research

Present expertise and research on a work of art in a rich format.

Business proposals

Provide complete proposals to expand your business.

Public & private sales

Generate emotion for an art piece or a collection.

Offer curated content

To Highlight a Special Work

Embed any Artmyn expertise tools like the Interactive multi-spectral exploration

Privately transmit photos and curated content to potential buyers through a unique private link, ideal for private sales (more information below)

Above: Sample e-Catalog of an Artcurial private sale

Discover a museum e-Catalogue

Secure content sharing

Privately transmit photos and more

One of the biggest difficulties faced by galleries and auction house specialists during private sales is to privately transmit photos to potential buyers.

An e-Catalogue can be shared only with specific potential buyers or publicly. Allowing curated content to be shared through a unique private link, all over the world.

The digital e-Catalogue also makes it possible to revoke access after sharing & chose the level of information to share.

What emails do not allow, ARTMYN makes it possible through its secure digital platform.

Simple and fast editor

An editor to simply create & customise your content

No special technical skill required to creat an e-Catalogue, can be done in a matter of minutes.

The design is fully customisable and can be entirely personalized or adapted to existing PDF formats. Create your narrative by adding page as blocks.

Use pre-made page templates or request your own to focus on creating great content.

Edit your content at any time even after online publication & sharing.