1 Billion pixels

Unprecedented resolution at your fingertip

Interact with the surface of the digital twin, zoom deep inside the texture like never before. View the paint brushes and materiality with high accuracy and details.

See for yourself

Why 5D ?

Cutting-edge realistic relighting

The Artmyn viewer gives the possibility to re-illuminate a 3D surface on 2 axis (up-down and left-right) and thus reveal the true light reflection of the artwork.

The highly detailed reflection data captured by ARTMYN scanners on the whole surface of the work allows us to reach a new level of realistic rendering and allow you to (re)discover artworks as if you had them in your hands.

UltraViolet, near-infrared and topography on top of visible light

View your artwork in UltraViolet light, near-infrared and topography with the same level of details and interactivity.

More on multispectral imaging

Multispectral imaging

Available anywhere, any time, on any device

The interactive 5D images are accessible from any device (smartphone, tablets, computers and more) in high quality.