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We partnered with Geneva Free Ports and Warehouses SA to propose convenient access to an ARTMYN scanner at a great price.

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Ports Francs et Entrepôts de Genève

Rte du Grand-Lancy 6a

1211 Genève


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Geneva Free Ports and Warehouses SA

Geneva Free Ports and Warehouses SA

Geneva Free Ports and Warehouses SA is a public limited company of mixed economy present on two sites located 10 minutes apart at La Praille at the Geneva International Airport.

It offers its customers the possibility of storing goods in a tax-free regime (free port) or in the Swiss regime (customs tax-free).

The special status of Swiss customs warehouses allows unlimited storage in a temporary time of rights and tax.

Geneva Free Ports and Warehouses in collaboration with Artmyn, opened its first digitization center on the Praille site.

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