From consignment to sale: ARTMYN helps you at every stages

Before Sale

  • Enhance business getting
  • Revolutionary expertise tools
  • Ease communication with experts and committees
  • Decrease photography budget
Auction Process

During Sale

  • Magnify client collections and artworks
  • Benefit from a new generation of interactive e-Catalogues
  • Provide unprecedented emotion on screen
  • Social Media friendly content
  • Provide Digital & Secure Condition Reports
  • Boost engagement with live and online buyers

After Sale

  • Strengthen post-sale customer relationship
  • Add the digital twin to the sold physical work
  • Deliver a Biometric Art Passport to preserve the information and protect your client's artwork
“Artmyn's tools helped us set a new world record.”
Aymeric Rouillac
Rouillac Auction House

Trusted by auction houses accross the world

Tajan Auction Paris
RR Auction
Sotheby's Auctions
Koller Auctions

Business getting & Expertise

Increase business getting opportunities by offering collectors to scan their work and rediscover them through an emotional experience.

Offer new generation proposals by using UHD immersive videos and digital e-Catalog.

Authentication committees and experts can be sent ultra-high-resolution interactive content under visible, UV and infrared lights, that reveals the texture and materiality of the work, its details, along with topography, reflectance and colorimetric properties.


Create an emotional journey

Enjoy a full range of technological services and tools to create emotion during public sales. Share this content widely on media platform, websites and catalogs.

A trainee can easily use a scanner, create a Video Guided Tour or an e-Catalog and embark viewers in an emotional and educational journey and engage 10x more with potential buyers.


Customer relationship & continuity

Add value to your services and strengthen customer relationship with the 1st Biometric Art Passport - a secured digital envelop that protects the DNA, condition, provenance, bibliography, exhibition and many more.

With a permanent access to their artwork’s digital twin, owners can now enjoy their entire collection at anytime on any screen, freeing collectors from the different location where their artworks might be stored.

More on Biometric Art Passport

Private Sales

Share valuable information with targetted potential buyers

Securely share an artwork digital twin through a unique private link

Manage and set both time duration and level of information shared with potential buyers

Ecatalog example for private & public sales
More on e-Catalog

“Artmyn, et sa technologie innovante, nous invite au cœur des tableaux, nous parcourons l’œuvre de l’artiste tel le pinceau lors de l’exécution sur le chevalet. Au regard de notre expérience de spécialistes en tableaux anciens, il s’agit d’une formidable occasion de mieux comprendre mais aussi de mieux savourer la complexité des chefs-d’œuvre qui passent entre nos mains.”
Matthieu Fournier Associate Director, Artcurial Paris
Matthieu Fournier
Associate Director, Artcurial Paris
Simplified file management

Simplified workflow for busy teams

After a scan your artworks and HD 2D images land directly in your portal, where you can download HD pictures, export videos for social medias, and much more. All that from anywhere and at any time.

Scanning an artwork gives you access to:

A set of ultra high definition 2D images in Visible, UV, Near Infrared Light and Topographic view

e-Catalogue creation tool

Immersive video editor

An interactive digital twin, the 5D image

“The Artmyn technology allows us to treat every work of art like masterpieces.”
Romain Monteaux Head of communication and web marketing, Tajan
Romain Monteaux
Head of communication and web marketing, Tajan

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