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Creating video tours and voice over has never been easier. A selection of a few points of interest produce smooth animations to which voiceover can be added easily. Exporting to professional video formats is done directly from the portal.

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Fast content creation for medias, platforms and website with no development required


Generate emotion

A full range of thenological services and tools to create emotion on screen


Reassure your clients

Expertise | Authentication | Condition Report

Ecatalog example for private & public sales
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Out of the box

Social media friendly

Out of the box integration with social medias, platforms and website. Use social media presets for your exports to generate captivating content and share it instantly.

Integrate 5D interactive images and immersive videos a easily as a Vimeo or Youtube block.

Left to right: Ultraviolet, Infrared, Visible light, Topographic view

Reassure your client on the physical properties of the artwork

The scanning process generates a unique digital fingerprint which safely extracts the DNA of the artwork : its topography, reflectance & colorimetric properties.

As the technology reacts to the slightest changes of condition invisible to the naked-eye, an art-work scanned with ARTMYN technology becomes unforgeable.

Benefit from tools that take advantage of this property:

“This technology will allow experts and owners to have a very precise material appreciation of the pictorial surface of a work, thus allowing a certification of its condition at the exact moment of the scan, and throughout its life - an amazing tool that ensures and protects the integrity of the works”
Pierre-Antoine Héritier Art Restoration Expert
Pierre-Antoine Héritier
Art Restoration Expert

Scanning an artwork gives you access to:

A set of ultra high definition 2D images in Visible, UV, Near Infrared Light and Topographic view

e-Catalogue creation tool

Immersive video editor

An interactive digital twin

“The Artmyn technology allows us to treat every work of art like masterpieces.”
Romain Monteaux Head of communication and web marketing, Tajan
Romain Monteaux
Head of communication and web marketing, Tajan

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