2D HD images
High quality images for all purposes

Unlimited exports

Export and download 2D high definition images

Chose any light direction (raking light, frontal, ...), viewpoint and zoom level in visible, UV, near-infrared or topography views.

Infinite number of exports included with every scan. The images appears on your portal, accessible and downloadable from anywhere.

High resolution

High quality images for web and print content

Use HD images of up to 49Mpx for your condition reports, flyers and other printed promotional materials. Populate your website with unique images of your artworks.

Up to 49 Mpx

Generate high resolution images up to 49Mpx (7000px by 7000px)

UV | NIR | VIS | Topo

Obtain high resolution images under Ultraviolet, Near Infrared, Visible light and Topographic view


Generate as many export as you want under any orientation and lighting in JPEG, PNG and TIFF.

Supports printing

The 2D HD images are usable for prints of up to 600dpi* on A4 catalogs or leaflet.

* Prints resolution depends on the format of the printed document, full page A3 printing of a 7000px wide image corresponds to 423dpi for instance. More info here

Great for overview shots & Great for capturing details

Chu Teh Chun, oil on canvas, Courtesy Fondation Chu Teh Chun

Wide shots

Overview shots for your communication

As if you were in a professional photo studio, postion the light and the artwork as you require.

Hit "Export" and receive your shot in the format you want.

Signature (detail in visible light, topographic view and angled view)

Zoom and angled shots

Condition reports and expertise

Illustrate your condition reports and expertise documents with small details under various light spectrum

XL prints / 3D prints

For special requests

On special request, Artmyn can export images with an exceptional resolution: Up to ~1.1 billion pixels !

Depends on the size of the scanned work

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