How does it work?

Step 1


Simply place the original work under the scanner and start the scan from the interface.

The scanner will move to capture the entire surface of the artwork with illuminations from all directions including under various wavelengths.

This vast amount of data is then sent to our servers where the processing phase can start even before the scan is complete.

Step 2


Our servers use proprietary cutting-edge algorithms to extract detailed features of the artwork and turn hundreds of GigaBytes of captured images into a compact 5D dataset composed of millions of files optimised for fast streaming directly to any browser.
Step 3


Explore the work of art as if you had it in your hands, from any device and from anywhere.

Securely access your scanned work and the wide range of services available directly from your ARTMYN portal

67 lights

To capture original works under Visible light, Ultraviolet, Infrared and topography


State-of-the-art precision for art scanners

2m by 2m

Scan artworks up to 2m on each side (6.56 ft).

280 mm2/s

Fastest UV, IR, Visible & Topography acquisition system on the market.
Scan a 60x40cm artwork in 15 min.

User friendly interface

Built with the end user in mind

ARTMYN Scanner is easy to handle with a very simple and powerful interface.

No technical expertise is required to manipulate the scanner and we provide on-site training after the installation.

The scanning data will directly land on your ARTMYN portal after the scan.

Non-intrusive scanning technology

Safe for your artworks

Thanks to short illumination time, a scanned work is only receiving the light energy equivalent of approximately 16 minutes under a typical gallery illumination (~50 lux).

For the optional UV and NIR imaging, the UV-A and NIR light sources are electronically switched on very briefly (respectively 200ms and 660ms) to avoid any impact on the artwork.

Once the scan is finished, you can consult the data for as long as you want, without exposing your original work to any more light.

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No hard-drive, usb key or floppy disk management required

Once a scan is launched, the data is automatically processed and sent to your portal along with 2D High Resolution exports under the various lighting conditions.

The best scanner for large, medium and small formats

Flat objects of up to 2 by 2 meters (6,56x6,56 feet).
Perfectly adapted to paintings, books, coins, photographs, antiquities and more.
The thickness of the surface (highest point minus lowest point) can go up to 3cm. There is no limit on the thickness of the canvas frame or book thickness.

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