Protection For Your Collection

Using Invaluable's New ARTMYN Technology

Safeguard Your Art

Invaluable’s acquisition of ARTMYN, a pioneer in digitizing precious objects, is revolutionizing how physical art can be experienced and secured with unique digital online solutions. We will make ARTMYN’s 5D technology available in major cities across the world.

ARTMYN is the only imaging solution able to generate a true interactive digital twin of your artwork, composed of more than 1.5 billion pixels. We achieve this through a fast and repeatable process in which tens of thousands of photographs are captured using different light sources and spectrums.

  • This non-intrusive process indelibly links your physical artwork to its digital counterpart like a virtual fingerprint.
  • Your digital twin is embedded in your Biometric Art Passport, providing an unparalleled record for use in case of loss, theft, forgery, fraud or damage, in insurance disputes, or when selling an artwork.
  • Regularly scanning your artwork allows you to track changes to its condition over time.

Digitize Your Art Today

What Does A Biometric Passport Offer?

ARTMYN stores your Biometric Art Passport in its secure online web portal. Your Biometric Art Passport offers a virtual vault for any documents and images pertaining to your artwork. With your passport, you can:

  • Access your full 5D digital twin and explore your piece of art in minute detail under visible light, infrared light or ultraviolet light, as well as its surface topography any time, from anywhere
  • View and download a set of 2D ultra-high-definition images
  • View the cryptographic hash of your data, ensuring integrity and accuracy
  • Upload and manage important documents, such as insurance certificates, condition reports, and provenance or exhibition documents to your passport, and keep a comprehensive, time-stamped digital record of your work of art
  • Share access, in part or in full, to your Biometric Art Passport with interested buyers, insurance providers or other specialists around the world
  • Arrange a cinematic video deep dive into the layers and textures of your artwork set to a musical soundtrack or voice-over. Please select this option on the booking form when you schedule your appointment

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The ARTMYN Advantage


Render your artwork unforgeable. Relay detailed information to police and relevant organizations in the event of loss, theft or attempted forgery.


Analyze and authenticate your artwork remotely; confirm authenticity of any recovered work.


Be aware of any changes to the state of conservation of your work over time


Provide interested parties with easily digestible, high-level information on the condition of your artwork


Have access to scientific, objective, and tangible measurements to assist in compensation claims or avoid potential litigation.


Equip a resorer with precise knowledge of the original state of your work for accurate restoration.


Precise information about the condition of the artwork at the point of insuring means that both insured and insurer are better protected.


Your Biometric Art Passport can facilitate the use of artworks as collateral for loans.

Protect Your Art

How It Works


Select a piece from your collection


Schedule an appointment


Bring it to us to be digitized


Receive your Biometric Art Passport


Sit back and relax, your collection is protected

Experience Your Art in a New Way

ARTMYN technology is now available in Geneva, CH - more locations to be announced soon.

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