ADDA shows that there were scratches and water stain between the first and second scan.

Protect your artworks and yourself

After the 1st scan an artwork becomes non-forgeable and can be analysed and expertised from a distance

After the 2nd scan the artwork is protected in case of insurance dispute. Damages can be detected after transport and/or exhibition.

Damage detection with ADDA

Protect your artwork in case of theft

  • Ease researches & comparisons
  • Prove that the returned artwork is yours
Protect art

Protect your artwork in case of loss, damage or accident

  • Verify presence of visible & non visible damages
  • Determine the evolution of condition over time
  • Prevent litigation with scientific evidences
  • Give restorers access to exact original state & condition

Protect information related to the artwork

  • Access to 2D et 5D images under visible light, UV, Infrared and topographic view
  • Preserve documents related to the artwork (certificates, provenance, condition reports, invoices, insurances, etc..)

After a capture you have access to:

Set of high definition 2D images

In visible, ultraviolet, Infrared lights and topographic view

+ Unlimited 2D exports, from overviews to details

An interactive digital twin

Access to 5D images for 6 months after a scan

Interact with the artwork from your screen as if you had it in your hands

Create immersive video content

Share the emotion of the artist's gesture, discover the touch of the brush and the texture through an immersive experience.

A digital fingerprint of the artwork

Making the original work unforgeable and allowing to track its condition over time

Biometric Art Passport

Protect your cultural heritage for 5 years (renewable)

Scan archive & protection

Scan data securely archived for 5 years (renewable) and at your disposal for consultation

Expertise from a distance

Ease expertise and authentication

Ease expertise and authentication. Thanks to several features: UHD zoom, raking light, ultraviolet, infrared, topography, and unique tools as the split-view, ARTMYN ease experts investigation, analysis, attribution and authentication even from a distance.

“This technology will allow experts and owners to have a very precise material appreciation of the pictorial surface of a work, thus allowing a certification of its condition at the exact moment of the scan, and throughout its life - an amazing tool that ensures and protects the integrity of the works”
Pierre-Antoine Héritier Art Restoration Expert
Pierre-Antoine Héritier
Art Restoration Expert
The 1st Biometric Art Passport by ARTMYN
Biometric Art Passport

After a scan obtain your new BIOMETRIC ART PASSPORT

The Biometric Art Passport makes the original artwork unforgeable and allows to monitor the evolution of its condition over time

It is both a "digital portfolio” and a “health booklet” that also allows to preserve and secure all the information related to the artwork (2D & 5D Images, videos, condition reports, certificates, provenance, etc..)


A tool for protectiong you in case your artwork is stolen, damaged or lost. This digital portfolio also secures the information and documents related to your artwork


Upon scanning, the artwork's physical properties are translated into a unique digital fingerprint under visible, UV, infrared light and its topography


Share with confidence a subset of elements via a personalised password-protected link with time limit to consult shared content

Your own portal

Manage your collection directly from your portal

After scanning, your artworks land directly in your portal, allowing you to download as many HD pictures as you want, create video tours with our simple guided tour editor and export them to videos. You also have access to an e-Catalog editor for free.

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