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Interactive discoveries

From passive observers to active visitors

Let your visitors discover the artist’s technique and the vibrant touch of his brush like never before!

From any cellphones, laptops or even giant screens, users can engaged with the digital twin by zooming in, rotating and changing the light orientation to reveal the surface texture and in its finest details.

Outside & Inside

Share artworks outside your walls & bring visitors inside your museum

Artworks can now virtually leave a museum. Scanning an artwork is now accessible without requiring an expensive digitalisation project.

Museum visitor scanning a QR Code to view an Artmyn video

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Usually in museums or exhibitions, when you get too close to a painting to look at it, it rings, or the guard approaches you with a reproachful look. it's unpleasant. With the zoom, you can see details perfectly, which is pleasant and interesting.
Museum visitor
Musée Condé - Chateau de Chantilly
For the audience it’s a way to see something that they cannot perceive with their own eyes
Lionel Bovier
MAMCO - Director
Out of the box

Social media friendly

Out of the box integration with social medias, platforms and website. Use social media presets for your exports to generate captivating content and share it instantly.

Integrate 5D interactive images and immersive videos a easily as a Vimeo or Youtube block.

Projects enabled by ARTMYN Technology


Leonardo’s Madonna revealed

LEONARD DA VINCI, "Le chef-d’œuvre redécouvert"

Could “Madonna with the Yarnwinder” be the 15th original masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci? As the painting is being restored in Paris, it regains its original colors and pictorial composition: they match in all ways with the painting technique and style of the great master of the Italian Renaissance.

This work was exposed at the Louvre during the "Leonardo Da Vinci" exhibition along with the infrared images from ARTMYN.

View on

(FRANCE, 2019, 1H30)

ARTMYN brings emotion to something that is a 2D object that is brought to life by this incredible disruptive technology […] you feel like you are watching a Star Wars movie. It's miraculous!
Bobby Livingston
Executive Vice President, RR Auction

Scanning an artwork gives you access to:

An ultra-high resolution interactive image

The "digital twin" that you can zoom, tilt, move and relight from any angle

A set of ultra high definition 2D images

in Visible, UV, Near Infrared Light and Topographic view

e-Catalogue creation tool

Immersive video editor

Embark your clients in an emotional journey where materiality and artist's technique are revealed like never before

ARTMYN is the only technology capable of properly scanning my Outrenoir paintings
Pierre Soulages
French contemporary artist


“This technology will allow experts and owners to have a very precise material appreciation of the pictorial surface of a work, thus allowing a certification of its condition at the exact moment of the scan, and throughout its life - an amazing tool that ensures and protects the integrity of the works”
Pierre-Antoine Héritier Art Restoration Expert
Pierre-Antoine Héritier
Art Restoration Expert

Left to right: Ultraviolet, Infrared, Visible light, Topographic view

Digital Finger Prints

DNA Digital Finger Prints

As the technology reacts to the slightest changes of condition invisible to the naked-eye, an artwork scanned with ARTMYN technology becomes unforgeable.


Interactive Digital Condition Reports

In collaboration with restorers based at the Geneva Freeport, ARTMYN developed a new generation of Digital Condition Reports (DCR) where all the specificities of an artwork can be illustrated in a highly detailed and interactive manner, using visible, UV and infrared light as well as topography.

More on the DCR

ADDA shows that there were scratches and water stain between the first and second scan.


Automated Damage Detection Algorithm

ADDA captures artworks DNA at different times enables ARTMYN to monitor their condition after transport, loans, storage & restoration. ADDA can automatically compare two sets of scans of the same artwork but done at different times & not only detect whether it is the same artwork that was scanned the 1st time, but also its condition and determine to which extend the artwork may have been damaged or restored.

More on ADDA
Biometric Art Passport

The 1st Biometric Art Passport

By taking advantage of ARTMYN's unprecedented scanning precision the Biometric Art Passport makes the original artwork unforgeable and allows to monitor the evolution of its condition over time.

It is both a digital portfolio and a health booklet that also allows to preserve and secure all the information related to the artwork (2D & 5D Images, videos, condition reports, certificates, provenance, etc..)

More on the BAP