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ARTMYN provides a full range of technological services and tools to the art transporters and freeports.

REASSURE your clients

Digital Finger Prints

Capture the DNA of artworks under visible and UV light spectrum

Automated Damage Detection Algorithm

Monitor the condition of artworks after transport, storage & restoration

Interactive Digital Condition Reports

Set a new standard for artworks analysis on screen

PROPOSE new services

5D Interactive Images

Experience artworks with 1.5 billion pixels

Guided tour editor

Generate unparalleled promotional & educational films

Interactive E-Catalogues

Illustrate, promote & preserve crucial information making an artwork unique.


Digital Finger Prints

Whether for security or insurance purposes, the scanning process generates a unique digital fingerprint under visible & UV light spectrum (soon Infra-Red light as well) which safely extracts the “DNA” of the artwork – its topography, reflectance & colorimetric properties.

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State-of-the-art scanning

Next-generation scanning technology for the Art ecosystem

The ARTMYN Scanner is an industry proven scanning device for the art ecosystem.

The ARTMYN Scanner is the result of 10 years of research, iterations and testing leading to the fastest and safest scanner to provide such a high level of detail.

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1st Biometric Art Passport

Customer relationship & continuity

Add value to your services and strengthen customer relationship with the 1st Biometric Art Passport - a secured digital envelop that protects the DNA, condition, provenance, bibliography, exhibition and many more.

With a permanent access to their artwork’s digital twin, owners can now enjoy their entire collection at anytime on any screen, freeing collectors from the different location where their artworks might be stored.

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